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The impact of plastic in our environment and what we can do

To truly care about your mission, you need to have a good understanding of the damage that plastics and harmful landfill have on our environment.

Single-use plastic for example plastic straws, food packaging, and sweet wrappers, that get dumped in our streets, and the countryside and washed up on beaches is astonishing and has a detrimental effect on the animals and the environment.  For example, small plastic objects can choke a seal, whale, or turtle.  The sea salt and UV can fragment the plastic into tiny pieces that the smaller fish can eat, and this eventually ends up on our own dinner table and in our stomachs.  The whole food chain being slowly destroyed.

So what can you do?

Environmental awareness is vital.  Stop buying items that contain single use plastic.  Opt for an environmentally friendly option instead.  Paper straws instead of plastic, wooden cutlery instead of plastic, card food packaging, use non-disposable items such as refillable water bottles.


Write a list and set yourself a goal of 5 things you can change in your life to have a positive impact on the environment.

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