Go to Be-Zing Kids

Plog 1

So this is it, Your first plog!

Are you prepared before you set out?  Have you planned your route?  Do you have everything you need?

Remember this is your tester week.  Keep it light and realistic – test what is achievable to you.

*Don’t forget to upload evidence for your DofE assessor.

1 – Evidence of your route – This can be from the internet,  a simple sketch, or even simply listing landmarks you covered from start to finish – and also document the time it took you to complete.

2 – Photographic evidence of the rubbish you collected, and a tally of how many items you picked up.

3 – Any thoughts, or feedback you would like to give from week 1

Remember if you are stuck and have any questions you can always message directly in the Tideo chat box

Have Fun