An introduction to plogging

Plogging is a wonderful way to get fit whilst doing something worthwhile for the environment. You can do it alone, with your dog, or get a group of friends together, working as a team.

For DofE Volunteering should aim to plog for around 1 hour every week, for 13 or 26 weeks depending on whether you are doing 3 or 6 month of volunteering, and ideally a day and time that you can work into your routine and stick to.

You will need a bag to carry the rubbish, some gloves or hand sanitiser, as the rubbish can be dirty, and a litter picker is a great tool to have to hand.

Come in comfy sporty clothes, comfy trainers you can run or jog in, dress to suit the weather ie rainproofs, or suncream and sun hats.

Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated!

KEEP SAFE! Do your plog in daylight, perhaps go in a group, stick to familiar paths, and keep off main roads or fast country roads. Make sure you have a phone, or a means to contact someone if you need help, and inform a parent or guardian of your route before you head off.

When collecting your rubbish, do not touch any items that could be toxic or hazardous, any sharp or broken glass objects without safe means of handling them, or any items that are just too heavy to carry.