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Wheel of Zing pt.3- Social Skills and Creativity

In this penultimate part of our series detailing the essential qualities that make up our Wheel of Zing, we’ll be covering Social Skills and Creativity. Those who have read the previous sections (here and here) will probably be familiar by now, but if you’re not caught up, two animals reside in each segment of the wheel, representing character strengths to aspire to, and encouraging you to figure out for yourself your own strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate goal of our wheel is to help you become a more well-rounded, complete person by balancing all the qualities needed along the road to becoming a healthy, happy individual with much potential to make yourself and others happy, and even change the world!

Social Skills

Although our ultimate goal at Be-Zing is self-improvement, you simply can’t understate the importance of being able to work well with others. The people you surround yourself with and the way you treat each other are instrumental in your growth as people, and it’s possible to reach heights you could never reach alone with the help of like-minded peers, whether you meet them through a team sport, a hobby club or in the workplace.

The Loyal Dog, with his friendly and open demeanor, is one of the animals that comprises this section of the Wheel of Zing. Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason- they’ll stay by your side no matter what obstacles are in the way. It’s an amazing boost to know you have friends who will stick with you through thick and thin, victories and mistakes, without judgement.

Elsewhere on this segment of our Wheel you’ll find the Team-Player Wolf. Far from being loners, all the wolves in a pack depend on eachother to achieve their goals and work together to complete tasks. Good teamwork can mean many different things, like respecting and listening to the rest of your team’s thoughts and ideas, or recognising each of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, knowing when to pass an opportunity on to somebody more suited to it. Teamwork makes the dream work!


Creativity can be simultaneously among the easiest and one of the most difficult qualities to nourish in yourself! There are opportunities to express yourself and follow your own creative vision absolutely everywhere, but it can be hard to pin down what exactly creativity is, and ‘creative block’ can be a very real thing even for the brightest minds. But the truth is, creativity’s like a muscle, and the more you try to think outside of the box, taking inspiration from curious places and going about things in ways you haven’t tried before, the easier it’ll get!

The Creative Eagle soars above this segment of our wheel, representing the use of imagination in all aspects of life, whether it’s tackling a problem in a brand new way, or creating art to express oneself or even just let off steam. You might not even realise how many opportunities you come across day-to-day to use your imagination, from the obvious like painting and drawing, to more practical tasks like cooking and sewing. An important part of this is taking inspiration from others around you and trying to be inspiring to others too- some of the most recognisable styles you’ll see in any artform started as a combination of a few inspirations. Use the Wheel of Zing to record your creative journey and the evolution of your talents!

Making up the other half of the Creativity section of the Wheel of Zing is the Independent Cat. Imagination is best put to use when you have the confidence to apply your own thoughts and ideas to a challenge, and trust in your own creative process. Instead of being shaken by errors or mistakes, the cat sees them as learning opportunities- use them to your advantage and grow your creative vision. Being proactive and working off initiative can give you a massive head start in life and it’s an essential tool in using your creative spark effectively.

Once again, we at Be-Zing hope we’ve managed to clarify some of the things you might have been wondering about our Wheel of Zing and the qualities that make it up, as well as exactly what these are and how to grow them effectively. The qualities we’ve talked about today will serve you well in every aspect of life- being friendly, approachable and sociable will always leave an impression on people’s view of you as well as being great for your own mental health! Creativity can be applied to nearly every facet of your life and trusting yourself to think out of the box is a surefire route to success. If you haven’t caught up on the last two posts breaking down our Wheel, you can see them here and here, and be sure to keep an eye out for the final post in this series!

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