The Wheel of Zing, Part 1: Giving and Emotional Intelligence

At Be-Zing, some of the core principles that we try to abide by, and that we believe should be instilled in every single person’s heart, can be found represented by each of the animals that take residence on what we call the Wheel of Zing. In each part of this ongoing series, we’ll learn a little more about these qualities and the animals that represent them, as well as why these qualities are so essential in your journey to unlock the true potential that you and all of your peers hold inside you. The two sections of the wheel we’ll be talking about are giving and emotional intelligence. We’re sure you can guess why these are so important to being able to make the best of your youth and improve your own life as well as those of everybody around you, but let’s look a little deeper!


Being able to give from the heart without expecting anything in return is a beautiful quality for anyone to have, and even if you don’t care about the potential reward, these things will always  come back to you in ways you might not expect. The Giving section of Be-Zing’s Wheel of Zing is occupied by the charitable donkey and the resourceful camel. It might not be obvious why we’ve chosen these animals to mean what they do- the camel draws on its creative use of the sparse resources of the desert to overcome its harsh environment, and the donkey is always happy to give a helping hand no matter the size of the occasion- these represent the two basic elements that allow us to do what we can and use the resources we have on hand to be generous to those who need it most. 

There are so many ways you can positively impact the world by giving what you can, whether it’s fundraising or volunteering, helping out with vulnerable people or keeping our beautiful environment free of litter. There’s a feeling that giving your time and effort to those who need it most that nothing else can compare to! Of all the things that you can dedicate your energy to, this is one of the most empowering, and will fill you with self-belief and the knowledge that you are working towards making the world a better place!

Emotional Intelligence

The next part of the Wheel of Zing that we’ll be focusing on is occupied by the brave lion and the resilient elephant; together, these two have qualities that are a massive part of what’s called emotional intelligence- the lion, with its ability to face his fears, take charge and tackle any challenge, and the elephant who will always learn from its mistakes and come back with the strength to succeed. Using emotional intelligence is really important in being able to push yourself beyond what’s expected of you and continue to progress in every avenue of life, overcoming each obstacle as it comes.

The core of emotional intelligence is being able to find ways to manage your own emotions in a way that helps you to face challenges head-on, communicate effectively and maybe most importantly, refuse to give up when something doesn’t work out the first time around. There are so many ways you can work on these skills day-to-day and you’ll often find yourself using them without even knowing it, whether it’s motivating yourself to work on a task you’ve been avoiding, or even just finding ways to relieve stress so you can bounce back effectively.

Hopefully, now you feel a little more aware of what these elements of our Wheel and the animals that represent them in your day to day life mean, and how you can apply them in your day-to-day life. The Wheel of Zing comes from a common concept called the Wellness Wheel, which we’ve specially adapted for our Zingers, to be able to rate their own performances in each of the sections and see what they’re strongest at and what could be improved upon- the ultimate goal here is balance! When all the aspects of your life are working together in harmony, you’ll be able to achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

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