The DofE Skills You Might Not Even Know You’re Learning

Teen DofE skills

Prince Phillip, the founder of the DofE award, was a pioneer of informal learning and a champion of the infinite potential of our youth. Be-Zing’s DofE courses are great for teaching practical skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life, from cooking to growing flowers! These courses have obvious benefits- knowing how to cook or how to plant flowers is a skill you’ll have right there in front of you and you’ll know exactly when and why you’re using it. However, the courses we offer have other benefits you might not really notice at first, but will come in equally as handy while you navigate the twists, turns and obstacles that your youth has to offer. Here we’ve put together just a few of the less obvious DofE skills that you might absorb over the course of your learning with us!

Self Belief

One of the most important skills that we hope young people take on board during Be-Zing’s Duke of Edinburgh courses is self-belief. Self-belief can have many different meanings but maybe the most simple way to define it is having confidence in your own ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems. Our carefully structured courses will challenge you, but will never give you an obstacle that’s impossible to overcome. There’s no better way to improve your self-belief than going head on into something difficult and emerging victorious! You’ll face obstacles throughout your entire life and your chances of beating them are so much higher when you are able to put some trust in yourself and your abilities!


Responsibility is something that’s so incredibly important throughout your whole life. Sadly though, many young people aren’t quite given enough opportunities to exercise their sense of responsibility and oftentimes aren’t given enough trust either. Over the course of your DofE activities you’ll have so many opportunities, big and small, to take responsibility for yourself, for others and for something greater than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s managing your time correctly, navigating through the wilderness with no outside help, or even just waking up early enough to get a head start to your day, there’s no shortage of chances to take your wellbeing and achievements into your own hands. Once you’ve got a taste of this feeling there’s no stopping you!

Problem Solving

Teen hiking- DofE skills

There’s no easy way around it- in life you’re always going to run into problems, especially in your teenage and young adult years when it can feel like they’re around every corner. That’s why it pays off to have the necessary skills to handle an unexpected situation or a challenge you’ve never faced before! Problem solving is a broad skill set and as you work your way Be-Zing’s DofE courses you’ll very likely be taking these skills onboard without even knowing it; things like being able to make a snap decision on the fly, having a detailed plan before you begin an activity, and being able to think a little bit outside the box are all abilities you might add to while you complete your award, and will continue to be useful all the way through the journey of becoming an adult and beyond.

Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork and Leadership go hand in hand- every team needs a good leader and for a leader to do a good job, everybody needs to be able to work as a team. You may not even notice it but anytime you’re not working strictly on your own, there’s some kind of teamwork involved whether it’s delegating tasks based on each person’s strengths or simply communicating openly and honestly with each other to get the job done. Many people find that they enjoy taking the lead on group projects and are maybe even a bit of a natural leader, and the DofE courses that we run are an excellent way to exercise these skills and not only improve yourself, but lift up those around you and help them excel like any good leader should!

Independence & Goal Setting

Over the course of your DofE experience, you might find yourself with a lot more freedom to learn in a way that works for you rather than having everything laid out for you. This means deciding what you’re going to do, how and when you’re going to do it, and ultimately, what you’re going to achieve as a result of your efforts. Being able to set realistic and attainable goals is such an important skill to have under your belt- the feeling of doing something you’ve set your mind to is amazing and will only push you forwards to the next one, especially when you’ve done it with no outside help and been in charge of your own time and activities through the whole process.

To top it all off, the courses and activities you’ll work on as a part of your DofE award aren’t just about the skill itself. You’ll also be learning to have confidence in yourself and your ability to put your own mark on the things you do and to exercise your creative freedom and what makes you unique. Be-Zing and the DofE scheme also hopes to help you grow skills that are a bit more internal and personal, to help you align your mind with your body and surpass any expectations that were set for you while you navigate the obstacles, the strangeness, and the fun that your youth has to offer.

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