Be-Zing’s DofE Skills Courses and What They Can Do For You

When you’re looking to do your DofE, one of the most difficult parts can be just getting started and figuring out exactly what activities you want to take part in. Here at Be-Zing we’ve a wide variety of courses that offer something to everyone- and in line with the DofE’s and our own ethos, they don’t just teach you a new hobby or craft- you’ll be taking home valuable skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life! In this article we’ll be going over a couple of the DofE skills courses that Be-Zing has to offer, detailing what you’ll be doing and how they can benefit you in many more ways than you might think!

Cooking Skills for Life

Food is what fuels your body and comprises the building blocks of your body, which will be changing rapidly through your youth and adolescence. So it makes sense to be able to provide yourself and the people around you with the best quality fuel possible and give your body what it needs! On this course you’ll be learning not only the basics of cooking healthy and balanced meals, but also planning meals and the things that make up healthy and balanced eating. By the end of this course you’ll be instilled with a sense of confidence that you can provide for yourself on your own- there are few better feelings than tucking into a delicious meal you’ve cooked yourself. You’ll be thanking us down the line when you’re off to university and everyone else is stuck on Pot Noodles!

Event Planning

Event Planning is one of our personal favourite DofE skill courses we offer at Be-Zing simply because the skills are so transferable! Although it’s ideal for people who are interested in gaining an insight into the events industry, you’ll be covering a broad range of skills, like moodboarding, design, equipment hire, fundraising and more, which are massively helpful skills in so many industries and professions. You’ll be coming away from this course not only with excellent knowledge of event planning, but also valuable experience in both working with a team and independently. There’s a lot more that goes into planning exciting and engaging events than you might expect, and aside from the hands-on skills that you’ll be learning, you’re bound to discover some more personal character strengths that you might not even realise you possess!


This one is an all-around course that will help you to get the absolute best from yourself in all the aspects of your life, from business to your personal development. Here you’ll learn about the different character strengths we all possess through the lens of Be-Zing’s very own Wellness Wheel, (which we have a full blog series detailing) as well as how to define your own strengths and weaknesses and work with them effectively! Practical employment skills are something we feel go a long way in the lives of our youth, so this course also includes lessons on writing a C.V, interview techniques and other skills that will enable you to be the most effective you can be when it comes to the sometimes tricky process of job hunting!

Ultimate Upcycling

Our Ultimate Upcycling course is one of our absolute favourites here at Be-Zing because it teaches a value that’s becoming more and more important in today’s world: Sustainability. The convenience of our world has come at a cost and now so many things are chucked away well before their time because they’re “single use”. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll know otherwise! You’ll learn a mix of practical DIY and artistic skills on this course and coming away feeling inspired- you can create beautiful things with the most unassuming household items. You’ll really have your ingenuity pushed to new levels and not only will you have gained some practical skills, but it’s a great way to exercise your problem solving ability and task yourself with finding creative solutions to common problems.

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