Be-Zing’s Back to School Guide

The summer break is coming to a close, and for many people this can be a stressful time. There’s a bit of a jolt as you go from having all the free time in the world, relaxing with your friends, on holiday or making some extra cash with a job, to the classroom 5 days a week. However, with the correct mindset, you can make the most of this transition, hit the ground running and gear yourself up to make this fresh school year a productive, motivated and happy one! We’ve gone around the Be-Zing office to compile a few top tips to help ease your transition back to school life and aid you in tackling any obstacle that gets in your way!

Set Your Goals

One of the best ways to feel motivated and inspired to take on new challenges is to figure out exactly what you want to achieve, whether it’s long-term, short-term, or both. It’s far easier to work towards something when it feels tangible and within reach, rather than a vague, far off target that you may not even be able to describe. It can help to break down big challenges into smaller individual ones, as it makes them feel far more achievable in the short term, and sometimes the hardest part of reaching a goal is simply knowing where to start! See if you can come up with both the strengths you have that will help in achieving your goal, as well as some of the difficulties you might run into- if you’ve already thought of these, it’ll stop them from surprising you later!  If you think you could benefit from learning to set realistic, attainable goals, head over to this link for some more helpful tips.

Maintain A Routine

Many of the world’s most successful people will tell you that a key to their success is keeping to a routine. You don’t have to be waking up at 4am with a cold shower, establishing a little bit of structure will make a world of difference! Studies have shown that sticking to a routine, particularly a morning routine, can result in lower stress levels, better sleep, and higher feelings of motivation during the day. Having your day planned out, at least in a broad sense, helps you to avoid wasting time as a result of not knowing exactly how or where to get started, and having certain tasks to do at certain times of day will help you form effective habits. After a while you’ll no longer feel that drag of ‘what should I be doing just now?’

Keep A Journal

In those last few weeks of holidays, and the initial few of school, it can feel like your thoughts are racing at a million miles per hour. There’s so much to keep track of and it can be hard to really absorb these thoughts and come to terms with them properly. This is where journaling can come in handy! Putting pen to paper can help you slow down and digest your thoughts in a more in-depth way, giving you a chance to breathe and really consider what they all mean. Separate the productive thought processes that can give you a boost from those that just slow you down. It’s also an excellent way to track your growth- even if you find yourself struggling, looking at where you were 6 months ago can put things in perspective and keep you motivated to keep going.

Join a Club!

School-based clubs are so beneficial for a number of different reasons. It’s here you get a chance to really show your colours outside the classroom and shine in the ways you see fit. There’s a huge amount of variety in the kinds of clubs available to join- from football, cricket or rugby to chess and even filmmaking! Being in a club has a number of advantages. For a start, it’s a surefire way to make new friends with common interests and expand your social circle, as well as introduce yourself to brand new perspectives! In addition, you’ll be learning practical skills you’ll keep for the rest of your life, like teamwork, problem-solving and even leadership, if you feel up for it! Being surrounded by people with a common interest and lifting each other up is one of the absolute best things you could do in your academic career.

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