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Creative Online Courses for Young People

Suitable for The Duke of Edinburgh Award


  • The courses come with free access to the Be-Zing web app to help you: Plan your goals, Record your achievements, Create a unique CV
  • Flexibility –Our courses can be done in your own home in your own time alone, or together with friends.
  • Convenience –Many of our courses come with starter kits, delivered straight to your door with all the essential tools to complete your course.
  • Relevant –Are courses are designed around the practical needs of young people, incorporating relevant skills for everyday life.
  • Professional –All the courses are created by professionals in their trade.
  • Lifestyle and Environment –Where possible the courses educate the students on lifestyle and environment.
  • Value For Money Because the courses are done at home, we are able to offer true value for


  • All courses are aimed at young people, from 14-20 years old, however young people under the age of 16 need to have consent from an adult.
  • They are 3 month courses, suitable for DofE and two or more courses can be combined for students participating in 6 months DofE skills.
  • The courses are online and students can complete them in their own time, however there are practical tasks to be carried out each week, and photographic evidence recorded.
  • Many courses come with a starter pack which gets delivered to your door within 5 days of purchase, however you may be required to buy some of your own items to suit your requirements, to complete the course.
  • Students have access to their 3 month courses for 6 month from purchase date.
  • Many of the courses require the use of knives and sharp tools, open flames and boiling liquids and other potential hazardous.  Please watch the safety videos, and always act responsibly and with caution.  Be-Zing cannot be held responsible for any injuries that happen at home.  If in doubt please check with a responsible adult.
  • When the course has been purchased, Be-zing cannot offer a refund if any part has been downloaded.  If the course has been purchased but not downloaded, but there is a starter pack in the post, Be-Zing cannot offer a refund until the starter pack has been returned.
  • Before commencing the course, students are required to download the free Be-Zing web platform for young people.  This is a well being app, where you write you goals, record achievements, save resources and much more.  You save all your completed work onto the platform and then it can be uploaded straight to the assessor to action you certificat