Be-Zing features

Alongside the Wheel of Zing the app features other
useful tools and aids to help you achieve your goals.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

Watch the video to learn more about Be-Zing’s features

Proud moments

The proud list is where the Zinger writes a list of all the things they have done that make them proud. Feeling proud of yourself motivates you to move forward with your short-term and long-term goals, strengthening your sense of pride and self-belief.

Why not try for yourself?

You never know what things you may uncover!

Remember to choose a mascot to represent your achievement

All you’ve got to do is THINK, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE!


Achievement gallery

How many times have you misplaced a precious picture, lost an important document or forgotten a special memory? More times than you can count, no doubt! Use your achievement gallery to keep a close memory of all the wonderful things you have achieved. These captured moments can even be used in interviews or applications for future prospects. What are you waiting for! Get capturing and watch your gallery grow.

Capture, upload and treasure

Gratitude list

Expressing gratitude tends to spread positive feelings. Feeling good about something and showing appreciation makes others feel good too! These things don’t have to be extraordinary either. Being thankful for the simple things that we often take for granted is just as important.

Allow gratitude to be your superpower and focus on the positive details that surround you! As a new appreciative thought comes to mind, add it to your list.

Others – for what they do and for who they are

Yourself – for who you are and what you do

Life and circumstances – for allowing you to be, do and have

Goals, dreams and resources

Use this page to add useful resources to help achieve goals and dreams. These resources could include: links to websites, courses, photos of inspirational places to go, creations to make, clubs to join.

Your goals and dreams have no limits! You are the creator, BIG OR SMALL.

When you accomplish your goals and dreams, you are the first to see it happen

You can share your accomplishments with the rest of the world, but it is you who has the front row seat experiencing the magic unfold.

Chasing your dreams will develop your courage. Courage is your fuel to achieve amaZing success in life, follow your dreams and exercise this trait.

Daily mood chart

It is valuable to reflect on how you are feeling to understand if there is something specific that is contributing to your mood. The daily mood chart tracks your mood scale between ZINGHAPPYSADANGRY.
understanding moods

The daily mood chart opens the opportunity to tackle and overcome thoughts through the activities of personal statements and challenging goals.