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‘Be-Zing’. The interactive web platform designed to unlock creative spirit. For those ready to broaden their horizon and try new skills. Develop all areas of their life whilst building a growth mindset as well as a stronger sense of self-belief and purpose!

Our impact

We believe in positive behaviour for learning habits to help engage in learning, making good progress and sustaining good relationships with others, as well as ourselves!

How it works

Be-Zing provides a free interactive web app, compatible with all devices. Set goals, record achievements, document proud moments, write affirmations, mood charts and more. Boost confidence, practice gratitude and identify strengths through goal setting the Be-Zing way!


Wheel of Zing

The Wheel of Zing sits in the centre of the app, divided into 8 sections, each representing a different area of life. For balance, fulfilment and wellbeing, all sections must be attended to equally.

Be-Zing provides tasks, activities and projects for each area of the wheel, alternatively, the user can create their own! Each time a task is completed, it gets allocated to a different section and the wheel gains colour.

Demonstrating the courage to try new things whilst having the resilience to rise after falls

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and movement, good nutrition and mindful living.

Keeping an open mind and a clear focus, to set goals and lead by example.

Taking valuable time out for new experiences, relaxation and fun with family and friends.

Demonstrating effort and attainment through the development of study.

Allowing unique creative freedom to flow independently.

Maintaining a sense of purpose through giving back to others, and our environment.

Finding mutual security and loyalty in others whilst working as part of a team.

The Be-Zing store

To complement your Be-Zing journey we have some wonderful gifts. Colourful wall charts and planners that will support your goals and stylish charm bracelets and pin badges for you to show off your achievements!



My children at school would love this app. It keeps the mind focused on goals and dreams and is an incredible way to track achievements and proud moments by logging every step of the way. I love that the children are also encouraged to log what they are grateful for as this is such an important part of life and development. It’s wonderful for the children at school who struggle and are less academic, as it boosts their confidence by helping them find their unique talents. Teachers are very good at celebrating children’s unique qualities, even acts of kindness, which can be logged on the app to further encourage the child.

Laura Frazer- Primary school teacher
As a child mental health professional, I work with young people every day who are struggling in a variety of ways, such as social, academic, behavioural or emotional issues, I find that almost every young person I work with has low self esteem. Through being enabled to set achievable goals and supported to work towards and attain them, young people experience mastery and empowerment and enhanced sense esteem. I believe the BeZing app can support children in achieving this. With a supportive adult providing positive feedback and assistance the child is enabled to fully develop a strong sense of self.

Alex Robb – certified child counsellor and play therapist .
As a therapist working with Heart and Mind I believe that be-zing is a wonderful way of helping children to develop their unique identity, to draw out their individual talents and play to their strengths using the resources that they have. It encourages children to use their time effectively, to work collaboratively as well as setting and working towards achievable goals. The animal ‘avatars encourage children to think creatively and to grow in self-awareness. The wheel helps children to achieve a balanced lifestyle between work, recreation, health and personal growth. The app also encourages children to understand and monitor their emotions and to record everything that they feel grateful for which I believe to be an important part of healthy development. The app itself is fun, creative and very easy to use and receives my full endorsement.

Linda Frazer - Therapist



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